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                                 Handmade Ocarina Clay Flutes

                                       Dragon Ocarinas

                                P.O. Box 602, Floyd VA, 24091



           Plain      Plain Imprint     Glazed    Glazed Imprint     Painted

     (stoneware) (varying designs)blue, black  (varying designs) see below



4 hole:  $30         $35          

6 hole:  $35         $40                 $45         $54+            $54+

6 hole bass start at $54 

Glazed Tri-force Ocarinas $60

Glazed Sweet-Potato Tri-force Ocarina $110* 

*Comes with padded pouch and 2 songbooks

    Each ocarina comes with a 4 or 6 hole Songbook, additional Songbooks:

4-hole: $3   6-hole:  $4   NEW Songbook  $4   4&6  hole Compilation: $6   Christmas: $3   Zelda: $3



                              Ordering Information

Each ocarina comes with a SONGBOOK and a cotton neck cord in black, blue, green, teal, purple, brown, red 

First Choice: 4 or 6 hole Color:____________Design:___________ Cord:________

subject to availability - please make a second choice:

Second Choice: 4 or 6 hole Color:____________Design:___________ Cord:________

Other color choices: Ocean, Dragonskin, Bark,

Suggested imprint/carved designs: Lotus Mandala, Star Mandala, Cosmic Wink, Lightning Bolt, Celtic Knot, Tree, Arrow Burst

Suggested painted designs: Dragon, Celtic Dragon, Dragon-Wizard, Tree Man, Tribal, Yin-yang, Sun/moon, Fairy, Mandala, ETC.!

                            Shipping and Handling Charges

      $7 per ocarina, $3.50 per ocarina in the same order  $3 for each CD (when available)   $1.50 for additional songbook ordered separately

Email &/or phone:____________________________  Total amount:$______________

Date: _________________




City:___________________________ State:_______________ Zip:________________

                                 THANK YOU!